Topic: Mac

Installing on MAC is now quite straightforward, except with just a couple of niggles.

1. Contact us for an install package.
2. Run the install package!
3. The installer create two scripts, one for compiling the VEW, one for running it.
4. You need to convince the MAC to run these using Terminal, rather than opening them in the text editor.
5. Control+Click on the compile script first. Choose "Open With".
6. Select "All Applications" (not just recommended ones).
7. Choose Utilities/Terminal in the window.
8. Tick "Always open with this" - for all the good it does.
9. Then click on the script.
10. You'll probably have to do this again for the Run script, but after that, you should be up and running.

If anyone knows how to iron out this last problem, please tell me!