Topic: Latest Version

The latest version of the Virtual Ecology Workbench is 3.4.775 updated on 7th July 2016

3.4.775 COMPILER: Fix compiler code for ERA40 calculated heat fluxes - but still problems with this method.
3.4.774 COMPILER: Fix numerical overflow for PM rules in 1958.
3.4.773 COMPILER: Fix logging of ambient particulate chemicals
3.4.772 PLANKTONICA: Replace ln=log (base e).  log10 = log base 10.
3.4.771 COMPILER: Another related fix with tutorial models...
3.4.770 COMPILER: Fix some faulty compiled LiveSim code
3.4.769 COMPILER: Include chemical pools in agents even if not explicitly used.
3.4.768 PLANKTONICA: Fix problem setting cell division parameter
3.4.768 COMPILER: Regression of 3.3.763 - fix problems with no chemicals present
3.4.767 VEW: Fix Java 7 compile problem. Fix faulty variety-based booleans in GUI.
3.4.766 VEW: Fix an error handling runtime arguments.
3.4.765 LIVESIM: Fix an array error when displaying multi-species same-fg data.
3.4.764 COMPILER: New Kernel. Faster, sleaker, smaller memory footprint. (Still single-core)
3.4.764 SNAPSHOT: Note that snapshot version is new - old ones must be discarded.


3.3.763 COMPILER: Fix livesim compilation problems for models with no chemicals.
3.3.762 COMPILER: Fix a potential issue of missing ScenarioData files.
3.3.762 COMPILER: Fix a bug compiling models with no chemicals.
3.3.761 SNAPSHOT: Update version numbers for latest VEW.
3.3.760 QUICK-FIX: Faulty
3.3.759 COMPILER: Further improvements for ERA40
3.3.758 COMPILER: Improve file performance for ERA40 decompression
3.3.757 COMPILER: Correct faulty logging start-time for non-restarted simulations.
3.3.756 COMPILER: Correct faulty logging - audit-trail of ambient particulate chemical.
3.3.755 COMPILER: Correct two faults that prevented BLayer compiling on Java 1.4.2 (Mac OS 10.3.9)
3.3.755 COMPILER: Mac can't handle spaces/quotes on an exec line - fix 754 undone. No spaces in names for now.
3.3.754 COMPILER: Fix for models containing spaces.
3.3.753 LOGGING: Fault in layer-based demographic stage-based ingestion logging.
3.3.751 LIVESIM: Fix faulty display of stages in multi-species simulations. (Thanks Matteo)
3.3.750 VEW-CONTROLLER: Fix a potential way of leaving VC without saving changes.
3.3.749 JOB-LAUNCHER: Fix problems with spaces in model names/directories.
3.3.745 JOB-LAUNCHER: Fix case-insensitive directory error (Thanks Melissa)
3.3.744 ANALYSER: Fix problem with concatenating field data
3.3.742 AUDIT-TRAIL: Fix a bug reported with multi-species audit trail output.
3.3.741 PHYSICS: Only use pool (not incoming) for biofeedback - fixes a transitional ingestion issue.
3.3.740 JOB-LAUNCHER: Fix: VEW was detecting Javac compiler warnings as errors.
3.3.740 JOB-LAUNCHER: Clear button wasn't removing jobs that reported as having errors.
3.3.739 COMPILER: Fix a snapshot bug with the new efficient pool variables.
3.3.738 COMPILER: Fix problems with species names that contain "."
3.3.737 First release of VEW 3.3. Download, and click Update.